maps-128Cross Section Technologies is an expert developer in the customization of the Google Maps API. Google Maps is the best way to display and customize map data online, but most people aren’t aware of the incredible extent that the maps can be customized. The passion of Cross Section Technologies is finding creative & innovative ways to use Google Maps to maximize business objectives.

Google Maps Features

  • Switching between traditional, satellite, hybrid maps and Google Earth.
  • Map searching capabilities to find locations by address, business name and more.
  • Integrated Google Street View capabilities.
  • Overlaying geo-positioned images, site plans, and other custom maps on top of Google Maps.
  • Offering integrated Google Places, to display businesses within the maps.
  • Adding custom place markers for locations.
  • Applying layers of custom information or GIS data.
  • Providing routes for walking, driving, biking and public transportation.